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Lupin III vs Detective Conan Synopsis

Today I watching  "Lupin III vs Detective Conan". And I want to ask all my lovely reader? Did you know who is Lupin III and Conan-kun? In short explanation, Lupin III is thief while Conan is detective. They come from different anime but I love both of them. Lupin III has many different kind of trick. Also he was brilliant!
Lupin The III vs Detective Conan

Ok, back to the title.I provide the synopsis about this cartoon. This cartoon was released at 2009 by VAS. Enjoy!

During a hunt in her private hunting ground, Queen Sakura, sovereign of the European kingdom of Vespania, is suddenly killed. All indications suggest that she was accidentally shot by her son, Prince Gill, who immediately after the event commits suicide, overcome by guilt.
Therefore, the title of Heir to the Throne of Vespania passes by Gill to his sister, Princess Mira, a tough girl and a bit selfish, who coincidentally resembles Ran Mouri. The coronation ceremony, however, is threatened by a growing popular movement that believes Princess Mira is unfit to govern; therefore, taking into account the risk to Princess Mira's safety, Duke Keith, the chief of Commons, makes Daisuke Jigen, former trainer of the regular army, a personal guard of the princess.
Simultaneously, Lupin reaches Vespania; his and Jigen's plan is to get their hands on the crown for the Queens of the Realm, such a nice load of memories for the King of Thieves, but it seems clear now that Lupin is pursuing another purpose.
Furthermore, to increase the princess' popularity, it organized a trip to the state in Japan, and the festival is held at the Grand Hotel West City Tama. Kogoro Mouri and Conan Edogawa attend and, at the party, Conan exposes an attempt to poison the princess. In the confusion that follows, since the princess wants nothing more than to escape from her condition, she manages to escape, but is noticed by Conan, who gets on her trail.
In her flight she meets Ran Mouri, returning from evening classes, and noting their resemblance the princess decides to change places with her, so she can gain the thrill of freedom, although her initial thought is that to lose all its tracks against Ran (inspired by the story of The Prince and the Pauper). Ran, dressed as the princess, goes back to the hotel and explains what happened, and Duke Keith, to avoid leaks that would result in a diplomatic incident with Japan, "forces" Ran to continue to play the role of Mira.
The princess has now been collected by Fujiko, saying that to know her identity offers to carry it around Japan and to be her bodyguard, Conan the tracks and chase aboard his skateboard, but can Fujiko lose their tracks and vanish. Meanwhile, the second objective is the light that led to Lupin Vespania: hidden beneath the kingdom is a mineral that thanks to its "complete stealth powers" may be totally invisible to radar. Using the dowsing rods Lupin has located ...
Tricked Mr. Keith managed to escape the promise to let go Ran after the press conference at the airport just before departure and bring her to Vespania, and to allow her daughter to follow Kogoro Inspector Megure assigns as personal assistant to ICP his friend, Inspector Zenigata, who is going to turn to Vespania to chase Lupin. Conan, who had noticed that Mr. Keith was doing, he manages to board the plane clutching the basket, and is saved from hypothermia by men of that Mr. Keith, who claims to be doing everything only for the Princess.
The princess Mira has since been reported to be Vespania Fujiko, and spending time with her and Lupin becomes clear how his character is cynical and selfish due derivatale anguish in his status as princess and grief due to death mother and brother will be found later that Fujiko was hired by Mr. Keith himself precisely in order to remove a little 'princess from court life to make them feel, at least for a while', the typical experiences of children his age. After meeting with Ran and Kogoro, Conan begins to investigate the murder of the Queen, with the help of all forced and involuntary, Jigen and Lupin meanwhile, helped by Goemon, unable to enter the vault of the building, but the crown has been stolen by Fujiko, which, however, is forced to give up and let lose to flee the building is completely surrounded by police after the outbreak of the alarm.
Mira, after visiting the place where their loved ones are dead and have decided to assume her duties as the future queen, agrees to return to the palace and take his place, just in time for Conan to reveal to all, including her the truth about this alleged incident. The detective in an attempt to once again use of needles soporific, fails to hit Kogoro (which is actually disguised Lupin), and hits Zenigata, but wakes up after a few seconds (Conan will define a monster). Lupin, however, after revealing his secret identity to Conan, it helps in resolving the case by pretending to be the true Kogoro, and together they lay bare the truth: the murderess of the princess is his brother, Prime Minister of Vespania, that immediately after he had also killed the prince pretending to be a murder-suicide, in order to make easier the ascent to the throne and be enriched by selling ore instead the Queen had forbidden to her pacifist nature.
By deception and revealed the culprit unmasked Princess Mira becomes the new queen of Vespania, Ran and Kogoro are welcomed as saviors of the kingdom and Zenigata gnaw the stomach for yet another flight of Lupin. The final scene shows a car taken from Conan the Japanese, apparently because no passport to travel (as Conan Edogawa there for the registrar's office), whose occupants are actually Lupin and his gang Lupin, who Vespania had returned to honor a promise made to the queen Sakura and reveal the truth about his death, proves to know the true identity of the young detective, calling Shinichi Kudo, Conan and promises them all that if one day or the other should steal again he returns to arrest them.
Conan is back home after a submarine made available by a friend of Fujiko, who implores him to reveal the secret of rejuvenation, and Lupin places it in the list of his opponents, rated as "very dangerous". (Wikipedia, Lupin The 3rd vs Detective Conan)

p/s: Don't like Anime? What a loser :P

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