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Chapter 604: Trouble Under the Sea (spoiler)

Chapter 604: Trouble Under the Sea (for anyone whos seen the little mermaid, just a joke)

PG 1
For the thousands of Sunny
Luffy: * rubbing his stomach fat * aaww that was so Gooood.
Chopper: * sitting next to him doing the same thing * Yes, those pirates were talking about some lady can cook.
Zoro: You should be invited on board a ship. at least we have something really good for a change.
Sanji: What? * * Heart eyes so Luffy would you bring one, anyone!

PG 2
Luffy: Sorry, but I was thinking of too many other things right now.
Usopp: Hey Nami, we almost there?
Nami: alittle further just now.

PG 3
Usopp: * sighs * I hate being surrounded by thousands of things they want to eat me. It ‘archipelago Boin entirely new. * * Creeped face only now been able to drown.
Robin: * look for a chair in a passage of giant seaking fierce shark from * but they are so cute.
Usopp / Chopper: CUTE?
Sanji: * wearing a nose plug * Hey Chopper How long must I wear this.
Chopper: as long as you keep nosebleeds from Nami and Robin. that can not afford to lose so much blood.
Sanji: fine, doc.

PG 4
Zoro: * sees a fish swim by with a den-den mushi in her mouth * what the hell?
Usopp: * sticks his hand alittle note to pick from the fish and the hands of Luffy * its a den-den mushi.
Luffy: where it has a den-den mushi come from?
Chopper: * points * freaks and maybe alittle from that.
Zoro / Luffy / Usopp: * try * hm?

PG 5
Strawhats: * look at the passage of the pirate ship Caribou * next to them a pirate ship?
Caribou: * watches them from his ship and put a den-den mushi his mouth * Hello … Strawhats.

PG 6
Caribou: you guys are so rude, you leave SA without me.
Luffy: * talks in the den-den mushi * what people are talking without you? Again, I do not know you.
Caribou Caribou: Im Wet-haired “and now, Im part of your team.

PG 7
Luffy: * confused * say what?
Usopp: Luffy can just go, forget this guy. He gives me a bad impression.
Luffy: good idea

PG 8
Luffy: Hey, bug eyes! I really do not know who you are, but my crew and I decided your not-so-welcome bye.
Caribou: * grins * oh? although she did not let us join you, we will only kill here!
Coribou: Awoo-WOO!
Awo: * seaking a giant whale-like appears infront of Sunny and try to ram * AWOOOO!

PG 9
Usopp / Chopper: HOLY CRAP!
Nami: Fire the gun!
Time Franky: No!

PG 10
Sun: * is hit hard and sent back a bit ‘*
Crew: * stumbling a bit ‘*
Robin: it moves so fast.
Zoro: * glares * I could slice it in half if I did not have to worry about the ship.
Awoo: * turns to another round *
Franky / Usopp: * * in their control panels ready … aim …

PG 11
Awoo: * closes * AWOOOOO!
Luffy: FIRE!
Sun: * Goa cannon fire from his mouth *
Awoo: * is hit and sank in pain *

PG 12
Coribou: * crys like a baby * Awoo-woo!
Caribou dont fret brother, God must punish this cruel and heartless murder.
Caribou Pirates: * fire at the Sunny *
Nami: Fire!
Sun: * * counters the cannon fire

PG 13
Caribou Pirates: * New *
Luffy: here comes more!
Usopp: * aims his Kabuto * I got it destroys them * * Exploding Star
Usopp Chopper: yahoo!
Usopp: * thumbs up and grins * oh yeah.

PG 14
Nami: Well Usopp, but to wish that you cannot afford to focus more outside. the coating has already spent half his limit.
Usopp: You serious?
Caribou Pirates: * New *
Luffy: * gasp *

PG 15
Sun: * seems to hit and is covered by a lot of smoking gun *
Caribou: Kehahahaha
??: * Emerges from the smoke * what pray tell is so funny rookie?
Coribou: Im afraid bro-fr.
Caribou: * gasps * what? no way, thats … …

PG 16
Luffy: * Search and smiles * well!
Crew: * look at the great whale shark shield of the ship * a whale shark!
Luffy: * smiles * happilly that can only mean …

PG 17
Caribou / Luffy: Jinbei!
Jinbei: * arms crossed as he glares * standing on the whale shark is truelly human beings are annoying

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