Sabtu, Jun 18, 2011

Farewell Murphy

Hi Readers,

Tired already to think. It's already morning! Gosh, I need to work on Saturday.
Anyway, this entry is not to write my job, is about my retirement my Team Lead.

My senior IT Solution Engineer, Murphy Chan will join IBM. Regarding to that, our department arranged one party farewell to him. Who is Murphy Chan?

Most handsome guys in our team. Second? No need to ask laaa. Hahaha.
Our IT Solution Engineer. Currently his rule replaced by Eng.
Expertise: Tivoli products, DB2.
Can play guitar well.

Date: 16 June 2011
Location: Seoul Garden, Damansara

Thanks Murphy for your helping before this.
And good luck in new jobs!


Guitar Class

Hi Readers,

Just to inform. After two years I buy guitar,
Then I interested to learn back,
How To Play Guitar.

Why I buy guitar before this?
I want to impress my lover,
I want to sing a song to my lover,
I want to teach,
All persons who LOVE me.

It's very hard after two years not playing guitar.
I have money.
So, I take a classes about guitar.
No, cause I pay for knowledge.
And music,
Can release your tension.

Dusksssss! Hahahaha

Thank you for reading. 


My Birthday!

Happy birthday to me. 
Happy birthday to me. 
Happy birthday to Rozek. 
Happy birthday to me.

 Yippie. My birthday at 9th June. My age? Secreeeeett. Lalalala.
This year I got very expensive present from my beloved family and my lover.
To be honest, this is my first time I celebrated my birthday without cake. 
3 years ago, I got cake from my ex. Last 2 years I buy myself. Last year I got from my friends.

What unexpected this year,
I got more than 300 wishes via facebook,
I got more than 10 messages via mobile,
 I got 3 watches as presents,
But, the worst,


I'm happy on 9th June,
I still got presents,
Others still remember my birthday,
And wish from my lovely MOM and DAD.

Here I attach with my presents.

This presents I got from mail. One more at my home.

The best presents to me is wishes. Here I attach with printscreen who are 100th, 200th and 300th person who wish to me at my wall's facebook.

100 : Juraizam Fazlen Jafar (My FTSM UKMians)

200: Amy Fifiy (my Kajaian)

300: Ainie Haslinda Tew (Facebookians)

Friends, I really appreciate what you have done. Without you all, my world not interesting.
You all helped me without compliments,
You came to me if I have problems,
You teach me when I don't know,
You listen to me when I talk.
And as my birthday's wish,
"I pray you all will success what you want to do"
"I pray your life will be wonderful"
And most importing,
"I pray you all not forget me"


21 May Fighting, 23 May Die

Hi Readers,

Actually this entry attributed to my died hamster, Lina. She died on 23 May after fighting with Ilan. Lina is very active hamster and very noisy. Everyday she will run and playing roller. Her physical very small compared with her colleagues. I still figured out why Ilan hurt Lina. For me, I really love Lina cause it very small and very cute compare with others. But, now she in memories. Here I attach with her image before she died. Sorry guys, during her died, I didn't take her image as my respected to her die.

Real. Blood!

From behind. You can see blood in her body.

Lina didn't eat. I saw her mouth injured. I tried to put medicine but she cannot move.

Ilan. I need to separate him after he injured Lina.

My other hamster, Adi.
Although Ilan kill Lina, but we need to think about their environment. Maybe their have same factor why they fighting. Ilan is male while Lina is female.
Did you have any ideas?

~Lina in memory~

Sabtu, Jun 04, 2011

Saya Nak Menang Kamera Atau Wang Tunai Dari

Hi Guys,

Grrr. Selamat Pagi. Sempena pagi yang indah ini, di opis yang menyebabkan bulu kaki sentiasa tegak (sejukkk gilleeeer), hahaha, maka aku pun mulalah meroyan. Ni bukti royanan aku. Hahaha.

Pastu dalam tempoh 3 minit aku buka photoshop, combine kan 6 pic neh maka jadi satu.

Pastu aku pun hantar kat Saje nak publish muka yang comel giler neh kat siu. Hahaha. :D

OK, thanks sebab sudi meluangkan baca. Bye.


Mase Hepi Jadik Mase Sedey

Aduyai, aku pun tak paham nape. Once aku dapat berita buruk, tapi 2,3 hari pastu InsyaAllah datang khabar baik. Itu ok r. Tapi yang tak bestnye bile dapat berita baik dulu, yang buruk tue sangat laaaa bala. Aduyai, camne la nak ubah bagi baik sentiasa ea.

Mesti la dengan berdoa! OK, itu je. Dah lewat sangat time aku taip ni. Sorang-sorang di opis menyebabkan bulu kaki tegak sentiasa (sejuk sangaaatt..hahaha).

Muka bajet shumel. Hahahaha :D

Bye. Thanks sebab bace.