Sabtu, Jun 18, 2011

21 May Fighting, 23 May Die

Hi Readers,

Actually this entry attributed to my died hamster, Lina. She died on 23 May after fighting with Ilan. Lina is very active hamster and very noisy. Everyday she will run and playing roller. Her physical very small compared with her colleagues. I still figured out why Ilan hurt Lina. For me, I really love Lina cause it very small and very cute compare with others. But, now she in memories. Here I attach with her image before she died. Sorry guys, during her died, I didn't take her image as my respected to her die.

Real. Blood!

From behind. You can see blood in her body.

Lina didn't eat. I saw her mouth injured. I tried to put medicine but she cannot move.

Ilan. I need to separate him after he injured Lina.

My other hamster, Adi.
Although Ilan kill Lina, but we need to think about their environment. Maybe their have same factor why they fighting. Ilan is male while Lina is female.
Did you have any ideas?

~Lina in memory~

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