Sabtu, Jun 18, 2011

My Birthday!

Happy birthday to me. 
Happy birthday to me. 
Happy birthday to Rozek. 
Happy birthday to me.

 Yippie. My birthday at 9th June. My age? Secreeeeett. Lalalala.
This year I got very expensive present from my beloved family and my lover.
To be honest, this is my first time I celebrated my birthday without cake. 
3 years ago, I got cake from my ex. Last 2 years I buy myself. Last year I got from my friends.

What unexpected this year,
I got more than 300 wishes via facebook,
I got more than 10 messages via mobile,
 I got 3 watches as presents,
But, the worst,


I'm happy on 9th June,
I still got presents,
Others still remember my birthday,
And wish from my lovely MOM and DAD.

Here I attach with my presents.

This presents I got from mail. One more at my home.

The best presents to me is wishes. Here I attach with printscreen who are 100th, 200th and 300th person who wish to me at my wall's facebook.

100 : Juraizam Fazlen Jafar (My FTSM UKMians)

200: Amy Fifiy (my Kajaian)

300: Ainie Haslinda Tew (Facebookians)

Friends, I really appreciate what you have done. Without you all, my world not interesting.
You all helped me without compliments,
You came to me if I have problems,
You teach me when I don't know,
You listen to me when I talk.
And as my birthday's wish,
"I pray you all will success what you want to do"
"I pray your life will be wonderful"
And most importing,
"I pray you all not forget me"


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