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Essay Learning Process

TITLE: BENEFIT or NOT? What I have learn today.

A boy looks nervous. His eyes are wild looking for signs where he supposed to go. Nearly two hours he was lost in Petaling Street. No credit to be on the phone. His face looked grim. When the phone suddenly rang, women’s voice heard on the phone,
"You're not coming to training this morning?" At that moment his heart leaps up happily. Although late, but he still have the chance. Who is that boy? Where he heading?
            Yes, that boy is me! Actually I need to attend the training for five days without skips, excuses or I will expel from this training. This training is important for get the job. Although a lot of jobs around here but the employment market is very intense. For the fresh graduate like me, I don’t have any experience. So, this is opportunity to me.
            In this essay I will tell about what I have learned for the first day. I arranged the point’s according what I remember. The first activity is “Ice Breaking”. This activity can be separated by two. First is introduction yourself and second is Pingu Pingu. What we did for this activity?
            For introduction yourself, the participants need to tell the others about their personal such as name, address, background education, strength and age. The values that I got for this activity are being the first person to action, don’t scare to talk in front of audience, respect, focus and listening to others.
            For Pingu Pingu activity we need to collect signature from other participants. Just imagined what happen when this game start? We just focus to collect signatures without notice the important thing, “listen the instruction carefully”. In interview, we need to listen question careful that give by interviewer to give the best answer. Not judge the questions until he finished asking. In this activity, I learn the important points, listen and follow the rules.
            We also provided examples of the importance of players, coaches and audience at a football match. Every group has their role. The audience will give the support, spirit and spectator. The coach will provide the strategy to player. The players will play the game. In every match, there have the rules. They need to follow the rules or their team will lose. And everything in worlds has their rules.
            In this training, the facilitator also gives the rules. Punctual, respect, follow the order, participate all activity and sincerity.
            Last but not least, the important thing for this training, I enjoy for the first day. Good luck for participates and have fun in this training. Thank you.
CATT Training
21 October 2010

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